Family Matlabi Rishte Quotes

In a world filled with fleeting connections and ever-changing relationships, family matlabi rishte quotes stand as pillars of wisdom, reminding us of the intricate web of emotions that tie us to our loved ones. These profound expressions of familial bonds go beyond mere words; they encapsulate the essence of our complex connections with relatives who may sometimes wear masks of self-interest.

But, isn’t it the very complexity of these relationships that makes them so intriguing? Join me on a journey through the labyrinth of human dynamics, as we explore the depths of family matlabi rishte quotes—a treasure trove of insights that will not only pique your curiosity but also leave you yearning for a deeper understanding of the ties that bind us. Get ready to unravel the enigma, for within these quotes lies the power to transform, heal, and strengthen our most intricate bonds.

Family Matlabi Rishte Quotes

  • “परिवार से खेलने वालों को कभी गले नहीं लगनी चाहिए।” – “Never embrace those who play games with family.”
  • “Family is not an ATM. Stop treating it like one.”
  • “परिवार के मायने जब तक साथी हो, नाते तब तक मिठासे भरे।” – “The true essence of family lies in companionship, relationships filled with sweetness.”
  • “Don’t let ‘blood’ relationships turn into ‘business’ relationships.”
  • “परिवार के साथ वक्त बिताओ, न कि वक्त के साथ परिवार को बेचो।” – “Spend time with family, not sell them for time.”
  • “Family should be a sanctuary, not a battleground.”
  • “रिश्तों की कीमत कोई नहीं समझता, जब तक खो देते हैं।” – “The value of relationships is often underestimated until they are lost.”
  • “Family is a treasure; don’t trade it for trinkets.”
  • “परिवार समर्पण है, न कि स्वार्थ।” – “Family is about devotion, not selfishness.”
  • “Blood ties should bind hearts, not wallets.”
  • “मोहब्बत तो रिश्तों में होनी चाहिए, न कि लाभ में।” – “Love should reside in relationships, not in profits.”
  • “Family is meant for support, not exploitation.”
  • “सच्चा परिवार वो होता है जिसमें खुशियाँ बाँटने का ख्वाब हो, न कि साथ निभाने की कीमत।” – “A true family dreams of sharing happiness, not the cost of being together.”
  • “Don’t let greed overshadow the love within your family.”
  • “परिवार ही वो स्थान होता है जहाँ आपको किसी भी स्थिति में सहारा मिलता है।” – “Family is the place where you find support in any situation.”
  • “True wealth is not in money, but in the love of family.”
  • “आपका परिवार आपका सहारा होता है, न कि एक व्यापार।” – “Your family is your refuge, not a business.”
  • “Family is the anchor that holds us in the storms of life.”
  • “सबसे मूल्यवान धन होता है परिवार का साथ।” – “The most valuable wealth is the companionship of family.”
  • “A family’s worth cannot be measured in currency.”
  • “परिवार की अद्भुतता है कि वो हमारे आपसी समर्थन के लिए होता है, चाहे हालात जैसे भी हों।” – “The beauty of family is that it’s there for our mutual support, no matter the circumstances.”
  • “Money can’t buy the love and loyalty of family.”
  • “परिवार ही सच्चा धन होता है, जिसका मूल्य आपकी खुशियों के साथ होता है।” – “Family is the true wealth, valued with your happiness.”
  • “In the ledger of life, family is an asset worth more than gold.”
  • “मायने तब बदल जाते हैं जब हम परिवार के साथ होते हैं, न कि परिवार के साथ हम।” – “Meanings change when we are with family, not when family is with us.”

Matlabi Family Shayari

1. Matlabi parivar ke rangile rang,
Jab tak tum kaam nahi honge, hum sang nahi.

2. Matlabi parivar ke dil hai kathor,
Humse sirf apni chinta, apni jhoothi shobha hai chor.

3. Matlabi parivar ki rahe hai kaante,
Asli sukoon toh milega sirf apne dil ke saath.

4. Matlabi parivar ki raahe hain bairi,
Dil se juda ho kar hi milega sahi manzil pe pyaar.

5. Matlabi parivar hai khudgarz,
Kabhi na seekhenge sache rishton ka matlab.

6. Matlabi parivar ki bhookh hai bas dhan ki,
Dil ki pukar nahi samjhege, sirf apni utpatang kahani.

7. Matlabi parivar hai jhooth ka gola,
Dil se bane rishte ko bhale hi tole na.

8. Matlabi parivar ki zaroorat hai sirf laalach ki,
Humse kabhi na samjhege sache rishton ki baat ki.

9. Matlabi parivar ki maya hai aafat,
Dil ko rehne na de humesha khushat.

10. Matlabi parivar hai udasi ka karan,
Sachhe pyaar mein hi hai asli sukoon aur bharosa.

11. Matlabi parivar ki saathi hai sirf dhan,
Asli khushi toh hai sachche rishton ka jahan.

12. Matlabi parivar hai sirf nafrat ka samaan,
Dil se juda hoke hi milega asli sammaan.

13. Matlabi parivar mein hai sirf matlab ki chaal,
Dil se bane rishte ko hai bhool gaye baadal.

14. Matlabi parivar hai sirf dikhawe ka aaina,
Dil mein basi khushi aur pyaar hai sada ke liye nigaah ke baad.

15. Matlabi parivar hai dil se door,
Jaise pyaar ka samaan ho gaya hai majboor.

16. Matlabi parivar mein hamesha hai andhera,
Sachhe rishton ka ujala hai humare dil ka bera.

17. Matlabi parivar hai sirf swarth ka vyapaar,
Dil ki baatein toh hai sirf ek sawaal aur woh bhi bemaar.

18. Matlabi parivar hai sirf dikhawe ki dukaan,
Dil mein basa hai sachche rishton ka mehman.

19. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne matlab ka diwana,
Asli sukoon hai woh rishte jo hain dil se juda.

20. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne faayde ka soch,
Dil ko chhodke bane rishte na samjhe woh.

21. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne swarth ka mol,
Dil se juda ho kar hi samjhe woh asli rishton ka rol.

22. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne tukde ka saathi,
Dil ki baatein toh hai bas khuda ke saath hi.

23. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne dhan ke liye tyaag,
Dil mein basi hai sachche rishton ki aapraadhag.

24. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne sapno ka bhandaar,
Dil ki baatein toh hai bas kagaz ke tukdon ka samandar.

25. Matlabi parivar hai sirf apne swarth ka daldal,
Dil me basi hai sachhe rishton ki nava ke jyal.

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